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Who we are

A Philippine-based import company founded in 2002, Primero Compania Centrale Corporation is committed to the nationwide distribution of top-quality baby diapers from Europe, China, Colombia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, and USA.

Primero’s trusted alliances and long-term partnerships with top-performing manufacturers give us the privilege to provide a consistent supply of products to our clients. Primero is one of the leading suppliers of quality baby diapers to top and mid-level wholesalers nationwide.

Primero is proud to make quality diaper products more accessible to our clients and their stakeholders.

The company remains steadfast in constantly improving the services we provide our clients and partners as well as the quality of the products we distribute across the Philippines. Primero has a proven track record for outstanding end-to-end client service, flexible logistics, and functional and technical industry know-how.

Mission & Vision

At Primero Compania Centrale Corporation, our goal is to be a reliable, thriving force in diaper distribution. Our company exists to bring quality products to Philippine shores, as well as to forge lasting relationships with our partners and clients so that they, too, can create valuable connections with consumer markets across the Asia Pacific region.

Our company holds true to our Mission-Vision by:

  • Extending above and beyond, personalized services to each one of our clients

  • Offering products that are competitively priced and produced with the highest quality

  • Committing to the growth of our shareholders, long-time clients, and employees

  • Ensuring every business interaction is charged with value, sincerity, and purposefulness

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