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External Affairs

Every time you patronize our products, you enable Primero Corp. to extend help to a handful of beneficiaries. Our company is grateful for all the

support we receive as we commit to giving back to our chosen communities.

Playful Cares – Hero Foundation

Primero Corp. donates a percentage of sales to the Hero Foundation, a community that supports families of soldiers who were killed in action (KIA) during their time of service.

Primero Corp. also had the pleasure of joining one of Hero Foundation’s recent fun runs. The Playful brand also had a booth set up during the event to showcase our range of products.

To learn more about how you can help the causes of the Hero Foundation,

visit their Facebook Page and Website.


Playful Cares – ANAWIM Lay Missions Foundation

Whenever you purchase from our Playful product line, you support Primero Corp. in our mission to help the ANAWIM Lay Missions Foundation. Proceeds from our sales are used to support the foundation’s elderly.

To learn more about the ANAWIM Lay Missions Foundation,

visit their Facebook Page and Website.

Primerions Friendship Day with SOS Children’s Villages

A private organization that provides family-like care to children in need, SOS Children’s Villages is a valued beneficiary of Primero Corp. From lantern making to sit-down meals, our regular visits never fail to bring smiles to both our employees’ and the children’s faces. The villages are full of love and our company is always grateful to witness how our donations help transform children’s lives.

For more information on SOS Children’s Villages and how you can impact a child’s life,

visit their Facebook Page and Website.


Internal Affairs

Primero Corp. is committed to creating an environment of growth, creativity, and camaraderie at work. The company continues to implement the following initiatives for its employees:

teambuilding fulfillment.jpg

Team Building & Christmas Party

At Primero Corp., our employees are an important aspect in the work that we do.

Every chance we get, our company makes sure that our employees are well taken care of and treated like a priority. Primero’s desire to give back to our employees is evident through our team building events and Christmas parties, which we hold on a regular basis. These affairs are also the perfect occasion to get to know our employees on a more personal level.


Primero Corp. is committed to the growth and development of our employees. Our staff undergoes training sessions and seminars whenever necessary to ensure that they constantly put their best foot forward in the work that they do.


How Primero Corp. Adapted to the Pandemic

As a way of nurturing Primero Corp.’s quality of work as well as the welfare of our staff, the company has undertaken the following measures in response to the COVID-19 pandemic:

  • COVID-19 Vaccination Provisions

Primero Corp. has provided free vaccination privileges to all employees in order to reach a common goal: to protect our community from COVID-19.

  • Work-From-Home Scheme Implementation

For departments who can productively operate from the comforts of their own home, Primero Corp. has implemented a work-from-home scheme to select employees. This fosters a safer work environment for the company and its staff.

  • In-house Accommodation and Transportation

For employees whose nature of work require them to report to the office, Primero Corp. provides living quarters and transport provisions at their convenience.


  • Strict Health Protocols at Work

Primero Corp. continues to implement strict health protocols, such as temperature checking, wearing of face masks, and regular swab testing, to guarantee that our employees report to work in a safe, secure environment at all times.




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